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The Deep Dive
 1 hour Live Personal Video Session 

Deep conversation of your birth chart & energetic frequency. Step into the pursuit of purpose by understanding your motivations, challenges and karmic path. 

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Planet Placement
 Audio Recording

    Each planet represents a different piece of our expression. Let's hone in on one placement to understand it in depth - Sign, House, Aspects & Current Transits

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Energetic Check-In
 In Depth Audio Recording

   Receive a layered look of your energetic cycles for the month ahead. Practical guidance is provided to capitalize on manifesting availability with exercises to overcome any potential challenges.

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Monthly Must-Know
6 month Personal Astrologer Subscription:

The fast track to you getting to the heart of the matter and creating the abundance you desire. Gain practical activation tools and focused attention to direct the action needed in your experience through the personal lens of your monthly astrological transits. 

 A psychologically holistic approach to discover, integrate & implement your ancient wisdom into the modern world. 



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